Delete Internet History

Delete History Free 2.0

Delete History Free 2.0: Delete Internet history, delete search history, delete index.dat, Temporary File Delete History Free provides an easy way to delete Internet history tracks. Delete History Free allows you to delete Internet History, delete search history, browsing history, list of visited websites, autocomplete, address bar history, delete cache, delete Temporary Internet Files, delete cookies and saved passwords in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, AOL Explorer, MSN Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape and Opera. Delete history automatically

Delete History Free 2.3: Delete history freeware. Delete browsing history, search history, cache, cookies
Delete History Free 2.3

Delete History Free is easy-to-use delete history freeware for Windows that provides an easy way to delete Internet history from your computer. Delete History Free supports Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2008/2003/2000/ME/98. Delete History Free helps you to delete browsing history, delete search history, AutoComplete, Address bar history, Temporary Internet Files (cache), stored passwords and cookies in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc

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EasySystemCleaner 4.0

With one simple click Easy SystemCleaner can: Erase Internet History files Clear Cookies Wipe Temporary Internet Files Clear your Browser History Delete Recently played Movies in Mediaplayer Eliminate files stored in temporary locations Delete Addres Bar History Get rid of Scandisk or CheckDisk File Fragments Saved Passwords in Internet Explorer & FireFox Clear Auto Complete Data Forms Erase your Chat Histor

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Real Time Cleaner 2.5: Erases browser cookies, history and history and temporary files.
Real Time Cleaner 2.5

History Delete Browser Cookies Delete Temporary Internet Files Delete Last Typed URL Delete Internet Explorer Favorites Delete Auto Complete Forms and Password History Delete Temporary Internet Files Delete Typed URL History Real Time Cleaner Features for System and Program Activity Records Delete Recycle Bin Contents Delete Temporary Files Delete Document History Delete Run and Find Files History Delete Last Log On User Delete Computer History Delete

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Free Eraser 1.1

Internet privacy by permanently delete internet history and past computer activities. this Free Eraser allows you to delete Internet history, browser history, address bar history, Internet cache, cookies, of your browser, and Window`s temp folders, history run, search history, open/save history, recent documents and more. In addition, you can have our Internet Eraser automatically erase those tracks when Windows is started or shutdown. Our Free Eraser

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Erase Internet History 8.01.01: Erase Internet History - Protect Your Privacy
Erase Internet History 8.01.01

Internet history eraser software to remove entire traces of your internet and computer history. Delete the list of visited sites, media player urls, cookies, temporary files, application logs, printer stream history, start menu history, find file history, desktop registry streams, start menu run history, network browsing history, recent documents list, IE cache files, and modify the images of toolbar with restricting any sites to open-up on your

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LogCleaner 5.8

Delete History and past computer activities. LogCleaner can quickly delete all history on your computer! LogCleaner allows you to delete history, delete internet history, delete address bar history, delete internet cache, cookies, autocomplete memory, saved password, index.dat files of your browser, and Window`s swap file, temp folders, run history, search history, open/save history, recent documents and more. The cookie cleaning feature allows you

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